Wednesday, November 11, 2009


© 2009 By David Wainland

Do you need a tent, only if you want to stay dry, keep your products safe, make money and intend to do major events.

There are any different types of art and craft shows, some of course are held inside malls and they do not require tents, but you should check for display requirements before you mail in a deposit or contract. Quality indoor shows and the malls they are held in, have stringent rules regarding displays. Some even ask you to maintain their color scheme. Many require that your booth be open both front and back. Still others demand that you camouflage the area behind your display.

Remember, a good display is a major key to your sales.

If you are doing outside strip mall shows and they are under cover, you needn’t worry about a tent, but be prepared with tarps and other protection against the elements. Remember the wind is not your friend so be prepared to tie down your displays and have quick access to your tarps.

Plastic boxes and not cardboard are desired. Even if the area is protected from the rain you may still get water flowing beneath your display. Your merchandise is your lively hood, protect it.

Are you looking for portability, a space saver or quick set up? Then a pop-up such as Easy-up or K D may be your answer. You can have a pop-up assembled and ready to stock in less than twenty minutes, but make sure you get one with sides and here I recommend zippered corners if at all possible.

Stay away from tents that are any other color than white. In the light of the sun they cast peculiar shadows and take away from your products look. They also fade and are much hotter to work under.

Avoid back yard tents and gazebo affairs. It is important to appear professional.

I use a dome style tent. The rounded roof gives better protection in the rain and they are stronger. The downside is that they are more difficult to employ and take more time. The upside, you feel secure against the elements.

Make sure your tent is weighted and or secured. There is no worse feeling than watching your house turn upside down in the wind.

Your tent is your home and you entertain guests inside. Look good and you will do good.


  1. Valuable information for fellow artisan vendors; interesting for the rest of us who perhaps take the effort for granted.

  2. I love the last 2 lines, that really sums it up. As a shopper, the way products are displayed may make a difference on if I slow down enough to see them or keep moving. Great information.


  3. well said, I made the mistake by using a gazebo, when I first started,and it blew over with the wind. I like the idea of the white, my blue,now looks grey